Champagne Charles Heidsieck Brut Reserve

By Dr Champagne

My boy Bobo often asks me what my favorite champagne is and my answer is always Krug.

Recently though I have been drinking Charles Heidsieck brut reserve. Initially tried at the wine spectator. Loved it, had it again in Washington and now in WEHO.




It has an amazing toasty nose and smooth Brioche finish. I think I love it because frankly it is very Krug like!!



Candy Champagne

The Greek Champagne bought a beautiful champagne gift set for us to share with Dr. Champagne.

I knew that it was going to be great, but I didn’t know it was going to be AMAZING! It had a very “Krug like” taste, colour and finish (everything about it was very vintage champagne like).

Alison Napjus from Wine Spectator gave it 92 points describing it as “well-knit, integrating a firm backbone of acidity and a fine, lightly creamy texture with flavors of patisserie apple, pastry, blanched almond and meringue. A smoky hint of minerality gains momentum on the finish.”

Winemaker’s notes: “A strong, assertive opening that leads into a well-rounded wine – powerful yet restrained; the sign of long aging in traditional cellars. This exceptionally fine cuvee exudes aromas of pear and nuts (almonds) marrying with hints of faint toasty notes. The wine’s brilliance and clarity show pale golden highlights, combined with very fine bubbles”.

Enjoy this amazing new find!


ROthschild 2

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Candy Champagne

Doctor Champagne is obsessed with fine glassware (to put it mildly).

A few weeks ago, I sent him an article from VinePair called “Are We Wasting Hundreds of Millions of Dollars on Wine Glasses Every Year?”. The article basically concluded that he was wasting his money on his expensive glassware.

He was NOT happy and put us to the challenge of a champagne tasting with Riedel’s finest champagne glasses – the Veritas and XL. To mix it up, we also tasted with the Riedel restaurant champagne glass line.

The Veritas glass is an absolutely beautiful Riedel glass – a glass of machine blown lead crystal – check out the beautiful shape of this fine Riedel glass:

The XL is also a very special glass:

To up the ante for the champagne tasting, he brought out KRUG.

We did the blind tasting two ways: nose and taste. The Champagne Greek, Champagne Surgeon and myself all picked the same in the blind nose and tasting: XL, Veritas, Restaurant. Dr. Champagne picked Veritas, XL, Restaurant.

We let the champagne open up and did an open tasting about 20 minutes later. This time, it was unaminously Veritas, Veritas, Veritas, Veritas. What really stood for us was the way the Veritas truly let the Krug evolve and open up. The Veritas glass allowed the Krug to be enjoyed at its best.

What did we learn? The Veritas glass is exceptional and Dr. Champagne can keep indulging in glassware!

PS/ We also enjoyed a 2004 Bollinger in the Veritas.

veritas blog 5

Veritas blog

Veritas blog 4


– Candy Champagne

Wine and cheese may sound a little cliche, perhaps, dare I say, even a little cheesy. Still, since their invention, wine and cheese have been a dazzling duo, going together like strawberries and champagne, Merlot and steak, boxed wine and Taco Bell. Doing it their way, yes their way, wine and cheese are the Laverne and Shirley of the alcohol industry (I cannot take credit for this intro, I stumbled up on it on the Savor Each Glass website

And of course, champagne and cheese make a simply perfect combination.

My two favourite cheeses in the world are Delice de Bourgnon and Cambozola. Delice de Bourgnon is a triple cream brie that has over 75% butterfat (no wonder it is so delicious!). To me, Cambozola is the “blue brie” because it is a double cream that has blue cheese cultures in it (also high in butterfat with 65-75%). It would be fitting that Epicurious ( says they are two of the best cheese pairings for champagne then, non???

On this particular day, the Champagne Greek paired our champagne with:
– French Truffled Cheese (it was amazing with or without the champagne!)
– Gruyere
– Epoisses
– And, an artisan type of Swiss cheese that was very similar to a Jarlsberg

What about champagne with these cheese combinations?

Epicurious also noted that truffle cheeses are a top champagne pairing (Truffle Tremor to be exact) — “With the rind of the goat cheese that’s been lightly aged, this cheeses finishes with salt and a POW! of truffle. The earthy, mushroom flavors of the truffle match well with a dry champagne (Epicurious)”.

Gruyere has a dense texture and rich flavor. The light touch of champagne elevates the cheese into something more elegant, highlighting its sweet, nutty qualities and masking its mustiness.

Epoisses is notoriously STINKY (it makes my whole kitchen smell!). It is full-flavored – it is the type of cheese that either you love or you hate because of the strong flavor (personally, I love it). The bubbles in champagne help wipe your palate clean after a bite of Epoisses and balance out the saltiness of the cheese.

On this particular, Dr. Champagne brought a Vintage 2004 Dom Perignon. Could this day or tasting get any better??? I will blog separately about the 2004 Dom (it was so truly fabulous that it deserves it’s own blog!!!). Alison Napjus gave it 95 points (one of the highest ratings that I have ever seen her give other than to Krug, a Piper-Hiedsieck “rare” and Ruinart).

Stay tuned for a 2004 Dom blog and enjoy your champagne and cheese!

cheese champagne tasting

cheese tasting 2

cheese tasting 1

tasting dom 2004