Ozone the best brunch in Hong Kong for champagne lovers …free flowing Dom Perignon 2006

By Dr Champagne 

” Dad the only reason you are going to give a talk in Ho Chi Minh city is because you can go for brunch at Ozone on you way back ” exclaimed Bobo the Prince. I have to admit there was a kernel of truth in that statement.

Ozone sits on top of the Ritz Carlton in Kowloon and advertises it self as the highest bar in the world. Stunning views of Hong Kong and Victoria harbor. By night sleak bar filled with the Beautiful. On Sumday turns into a champagne lovers dream.

The Dom flows freely on the Sunday Brunch this  weekend the 2006 Vintage

Dan is a Frenchman doing his internship away from his Swiss Hospitalty program. Had great tips on navigating the buffet.

There is a sushi bar a tapas bar as well as the entree which is al carte. Also other wine, beer and spirits are available. I had the Wagyu beef burger kept drinking the Dom even though they had a Malbec available.

The hotel itself is stunning and it is worthwhile stsying on the club floor good snacks and free flowing Moet

The Ritz Carlton Kowloon is worth a visit as the highest hotel in the world and this amazing brunch, a champagne lovers dream.

Ok Bobo you were partially correct, Ozone was worth a stop on the way back from Saigon.

Go here if you are ever in HKG on a Sunday.



  1. Great review on Ozone brunch. It’s pretty good value for approximately CAD 200. How “free flowing” are they with serving the DOM? Are they stingy, or could you manage to drink a bottle over the duration of brunch?

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