Flying out of La Guardia just got easier with the AMEX Centurion Lounge

By Dr Champagne

Bobo is in London at the Bond premiere so snuck out to NYC with the Champagne Surgeon for the wine spectator meeting.

Flying out of La Guardia has always been a chore but if you are an AMEX card member it just got a lot more pleasurable, you will obtain access to the brand new Centurion Lounge in terminal B.

Admissions are free for Platinum and Centurion card members. Centurion card holders have the added benefit of a glass of Champagne and today they were pouring Veuve

They have a great wine and cocktail selection that is complimentary and they offer prosecco as their sparkling


Loved the Widow Veuve with the tomato soup. 

Great selection of food, buffet though!

Enjoy loved this wine, especially the Veuve in the lounge



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