Kiin Kiin you HAVE to eat here when you visit Copenhagen

By Dr Champagne 

So Bobo the Prince looked at me when I was leaving and asked if I was going to go to Noma. I admit I had been invited by a group but decided to go to Kiin Kiin instead.

It is the only one star Michelin Thai restaurant in the world.

When you first walk in you are seated in a lounge where you are served Thai street food. A beautiful tea is served but I also chose a glass of the house champagne

The restaurant has a comfortable vibe with the amazing chef Henrik Yde ever present in the front lines as well

Senses get overwhelmed!! But I remember memorable moments when my senses went into shock, a food memory I will never forget and the cone they served was one of those moments for me

After you are taken upstair for the tasting menu. My advice go for the wine pairings Henrik does an amazing job, just sublime.

Gets a little molecular when the soup is served with a syringe that changes into noodles

Their version of Pad Thai was actually a prawn pasta served with a Detuz Demi

To DIE for you have to eat here. Next was the Snow Ball salad where they make the dressing at the table, who does that anymore? Served with a crisp vibrant Riesling.

Onto a Gewürztraminer for the frozen red curry lobster

Said it before you have to eat here.

The wine pairings continued with a German Pinot Noir and a Barbera D Asti, the Pinot was paired with a creamy Tom Ka with mushrooms in a cream sauce and the Barbera with the Tom Ja in almost a Demi


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