Me and Pa and Era Ora

Dr Champagne 

So Pa is my hero. You know that old age question ” these two are going to get hit by a car and you can only save one ” Bobo would save Pa.

So for Pa it is only about value for money. Life for me is to short and all aboutexperience.

In Cooenhagen already filled to the gills with Champagne from all the champagne at Balazhar!!
Went for a tasting menu at Era Ora. Lots of chatter  on the Internet.

Yes they did not pour me champagne but an exceptable sparkling from Lamordia .

Then the meal progressed

Who the hell pours Dal Forno in s tasting menu.

Am I married. Definitely to Bobo’s mum but our waitress was amazing and the crew in the back rocks. This is a STAR chef.


So for Pa value for money zero. For foodies like me value for experience 100%. This crew is knowledgable and rocks. Don’t come here for value, pizza, pasta! Come here for the one course that rocks you!!

Loved it. Value for money ZERO.

Value for a foodie PRICELESS.  


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