Balthazar Champagne bar Copenhagen 

By Dr Champagne

Bobo the Prince didn’t look up just said ” bye dad ” I left with Harry Chapin’s Cat’s in the Cradle playing in my head, damn they grow up fast.

Headed of to Copenhagen and lived at the D’Angleterre Hotel and definitely the place to stay if you end up in Copebhagen for the weekend.

Best part is that it has the most amazing Champagne Bar The Balthazar

They happen to be a Krug Ambassador  so you can get a fresh glass of Krug

There is an amazing wall of Moet

They have over 10 by the glass and 150 different houses represented love the inscription on the front page of the menu

 Extensive food menu but settled for Nordic Comfort food

Say hi to Nicolaj when you visit

He also makes the most amazing cocktails. Tell him Dr Champagne sent you.

Loved this place so much inspired me to start blogging again. Visit our Instagram thechampganeaddict.

Home soon Bobo.


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