Month: October 2015

Flying out of La Guardia just got easier with the AMEX Centurion Lounge

By Dr Champagne

Bobo is in London at the Bond premiere so snuck out to NYC with the Champagne Surgeon for the wine spectator meeting.

Flying out of La Guardia has always been a chore but if you are an AMEX card member it just got a lot more pleasurable, you will obtain access to the brand new Centurion Lounge in terminal B.

Admissions are free for Platinum and Centurion card members. Centurion card holders have the added benefit of a glass of Champagne and today they were pouring Veuve

They have a great wine and cocktail selection that is complimentary and they offer prosecco as their sparkling


Loved the Widow Veuve with the tomato soup. 

Great selection of food, buffet though!

Enjoy loved this wine, especially the Veuve in the lounge




By Dr Champagne

Ok Bobo the Prince has no patientce  for idiots that don’t know basic computer skills. Posted the last blog before it was finished and don’t know how to go back and edit.

The mushroom Kom Ta two ways two wines, said it before you have to eat here if you are a foodie that loves ethnic food.


Next an Australian Cab paired with grilled beef and beef with oyster sauce!





I am so glad I didn’t have any breakfast or lunch, the hell of working for a living but also the saving grace for a night like this!!

Dessert  starts
Paired with a Moscato D’ Asti

Final pairing was with a Sherry

Banana cake with Coconut.

So Bobo for an ethnic foodie this was the best choice for me!

Sorry NOMA thank you HENRIK.

Kiin Kiin you HAVE to eat here when you visit Copenhagen

By Dr Champagne 

So Bobo the Prince looked at me when I was leaving and asked if I was going to go to Noma. I admit I had been invited by a group but decided to go to Kiin Kiin instead.

It is the only one star Michelin Thai restaurant in the world.

When you first walk in you are seated in a lounge where you are served Thai street food. A beautiful tea is served but I also chose a glass of the house champagne

The restaurant has a comfortable vibe with the amazing chef Henrik Yde ever present in the front lines as well

Senses get overwhelmed!! But I remember memorable moments when my senses went into shock, a food memory I will never forget and the cone they served was one of those moments for me

After you are taken upstair for the tasting menu. My advice go for the wine pairings Henrik does an amazing job, just sublime.

Gets a little molecular when the soup is served with a syringe that changes into noodles

Their version of Pad Thai was actually a prawn pasta served with a Detuz Demi

To DIE for you have to eat here. Next was the Snow Ball salad where they make the dressing at the table, who does that anymore? Served with a crisp vibrant Riesling.

Onto a Gew├╝rztraminer for the frozen red curry lobster

Said it before you have to eat here.

The wine pairings continued with a German Pinot Noir and a Barbera D Asti, the Pinot was paired with a creamy Tom Ka with mushrooms in a cream sauce and the Barbera with the Tom Ja in almost a Demi

Bollinger and Bond

By Dr Champagne

Was sitting in the lobby bar at D’Angleterre and remembered when Bobo the Prince glanced over at me and asked ” dad have you booked my ticket to London ” he is on his way to London for the premier of the new James Bond Movie Spectre.

Champagne Bollinger has been in every Bond movie since Live and Let Die.

They poured me a glass of Bollinger Rose

Pink Salmon in color, balanced, fresh, strawberry and rasberry notes with a slightly sweet toasty finish.

Loved it and yes Bobo your ticket is booked.

Me and Pa and Era Ora

Dr Champagne 

So Pa is my hero. You know that old age question ” these two are going to get hit by a car and you can only save one ” Bobo would save Pa.

So for Pa it is only about value for money. Life for me is to short and all aboutexperience.

In Cooenhagen already filled to the gills with Champagne from all the champagne at Balazhar!!
Went for a tasting menu at Era Ora. Lots of chatter  on the Internet.

Yes they did not pour me champagne but an exceptable sparkling from Lamordia .

Then the meal progressed

Who the hell pours Dal Forno in s tasting menu.

Am I married. Definitely to Bobo’s mum but our waitress was amazing and the crew in the back rocks. This is a STAR chef.


So for Pa value for money zero. For foodies like me value for experience 100%. This crew is knowledgable and rocks. Don’t come here for value, pizza, pasta! Come here for the one course that rocks you!!

Loved it. Value for money ZERO.

Value for a foodie PRICELESS.  

It’s all about James E

Dr Champagne 

So Bobo sent me me an e mail. For him it’s like actually writing a letter basically not done in the real world.

” Why are you embrassing me!!! Blogging again ” Bobo it is all about James E asking what happened!

So thank you Jamie E, we drink champagne everyday we should blog at least weekly.

Candy Champagne you are on alert,

Sorry Bobo!

Champagne GARDET great value for US the champagne addicts of the world

By Dr Champagne

” Why do I always have to ALWAYS carry in you champagne ” grumbled Bobo.

When we are champagne addicts stocking up is a regular occurrence. Also to be frank sometimes we have to stock for consumers and not those that help replenish the cellar.

So we look for great value champagnes that taste great and we don’t mind pouring for the free loaders!! I think if you haven’t tried this one buy a bunch.


Why I like it. Great mouth feel, strong and vibrant. The nose is mature with toasty flavours. Brioche on the finish.

Buy some. 

Thank you Bobo.

La Grande Annee Bollinger 1997

By Dr Champagne 

Sometimes somebody hands you a bottle of champagne and you just have to share

Bobo knows that besides Krug I absolutely love Bolly. The 1997 Grande Annee had a beautiful deep honey color, bubbles were few and a little flat not the crisp mouth feel of a young Champagne. I of course pointed out to Bobo that he wasn’t even born when these grapes were picked.

Taste can just be described as funky and licqueur like. Not my style of champagne but was still a treat to drink and contemplate what I was up to in 1997. Mostly no good!

Balthazar Champagne bar Copenhagen 

By Dr Champagne

Bobo the Prince didn’t look up just said ” bye dad ” I left with Harry Chapin’s Cat’s in the Cradle playing in my head, damn they grow up fast.

Headed of to Copenhagen and lived at the D’Angleterre Hotel and definitely the place to stay if you end up in Copebhagen for the weekend.

Best part is that it has the most amazing Champagne Bar The Balthazar

They happen to be a Krug Ambassador  so you can get a fresh glass of Krug

There is an amazing wall of Moet

They have over 10 by the glass and 150 different houses represented love the inscription on the front page of the menu

 Extensive food menu but settled for Nordic Comfort food

Say hi to Nicolaj when you visit

He also makes the most amazing cocktails. Tell him Dr Champagne sent you.

Loved this place so much inspired me to start blogging again. Visit our Instagram thechampganeaddict.

Home soon Bobo.