Month: April 2015

Champagne in Terminal 2, the Queen’s terminal at Heathrow London

By Dr. Champagne 

Bobo the Prince looked at me and just said ” Dad we did this last year already” I just told him we had gone through Queen”s Terminal but all the lounges were not open.

I had blogged about the Aur Canada Lounge and surprisingly they are still pouring champagne! 


        The Star Kris Singapore lounge had Laurent Perrier in the First Class lounge, which I snuck into much to Bobo’s chagrin


        Got kicked out shortly. In the business lounge they were pouring


        A growers champagne Rodier Pere et Fils

        • The United Lounge had Rodier Pere et Fils in business class and Laurent Perrier in First as well, guess some Star Alliance gods talk to each other.



        The Lufthansa Senator Lounge was a huge disappointment, usually there is a grower champagne on order but in this lounge ONLY sparkling wine



        But champagne lovers can relax as the terminal had many food outlets with amazing champagne for sale including Bollinger Grand Anne by the glass 



        So champagne lovers can relax the Queens Terminal at Heathrow is truly a champagne Haven.

        Bobo doesn’t care!!!

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        Battle of the Rose continues Drappier Rose vs Moët et Chandon Rose 

        By Dr Champagne

        Went over to Candy Champagne’s for Easter Sunday. Newfie Champagne brought over Moët Rose. Bobo looked at me I looked at him we had just bought the Drappier Rose. He groaned, you guessed champagne tasting!!!!



        For me the Nose was very similar but loved the finish on the Drappier. Candy Champagne was Moët all the way, nose taste and finish. Newfie Champagne rated them as equal!!



        For Candy no doubt the Moët was worth the premium. For Newfie and me two similar in look, nose, taste and finish.

        Bobo just wanted to go home.

        You Decide

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