Champagne in Turks and Caicos 

By Dr Champagne

Bobo my boy was sick of winter so we decided to escape south to the Turks. This is where I faced a dilemma, usually  I would pack a case of champagne and my Reidel glasses.

As everything is imported, goods on islands tend to be expensive but with my new passion to travel ultralight decided to risk it.

Stayed at a resort called Seven Stars and the glassware was more than adequate with two varieties of champagne glasses.

The selection at the IGA. a two minute walk away was a great selection of Brut champagne. The best deal was the Laurent Perrier at $50 but the Veuve was $85! Compare this to the Laurent Perrier Rose at $85?

A similar paradox happened in the Vintage selection with the Tattinger at $120 but Cristal at an unheard of $420!

Overall I was glad I didn’t pack my own champagne avoided the popular brands and drank the Laurent Perrier Rose all week, cheaper than in the store back home.

Bobo was happy.

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