Tasting Menu at Le Cinq two star Michelin restaurant George V Paris

By Dr Champagne

Love Paris but as I don’t speak French always find it hard to get a great meal. My favorite french bistro is Bistrot Paul Bert, one side seems for English speaking tourists and the other for locals. Amazing classic bistro fare and extremely reasonable.

But for a treat, and to pacify Bobo the Prince, had the tasting menu at the two star Michelin restaurant Le Cinq, at the Four Seasons hotel George V.

Think of this not as dinner but a Broadway show. The night starts in the bar with presentation of the champagne cart.


With dinner was offered a beautiful Amuse which we decided to pair with a bottle of Bollinger



The rest of dinner was a five hour exercise of indulgence with fresh bread, butter, truffle, lobster,lamb, cheese and I think four desserts. The wine pairings picked by the sommelier all seemed to be from Sicily or Italy!!!





Service was impeccable as one would expect in a Michelin starred restaurant





This dinner is a marathon and foodies would love every minute but even if one is not a foodie it is worth visiting the George V. The lobby always has an amazing flower display and a drink from the champagne trolley is always a treat.

Bobo was happy I visited his favorite hotel in Paris


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