Month: February 2015

Champagne Charles Heidsieck Brut Reserve

By Dr Champagne

My boy Bobo often asks me what my favorite champagne is and my answer is always Krug.

Recently though I have been drinking Charles Heidsieck brut reserve. Initially tried at the wine spectator. Loved it, had it again in Washington and now in WEHO.




It has an amazing toasty nose and smooth Brioche finish. I think I love it because frankly it is very Krug like!!


Tasting Menu at Le Cinq two star Michelin restaurant George V Paris

By Dr Champagne

Love Paris but as I don’t speak French always find it hard to get a great meal. My favorite french bistro is Bistrot Paul Bert, one side seems for English speaking tourists and the other for locals. Amazing classic bistro fare and extremely reasonable.

But for a treat, and to pacify Bobo the Prince, had the tasting menu at the two star Michelin restaurant Le Cinq, at the Four Seasons hotel George V.

Think of this not as dinner but a Broadway show. The night starts in the bar with presentation of the champagne cart.


With dinner was offered a beautiful Amuse which we decided to pair with a bottle of Bollinger



The rest of dinner was a five hour exercise of indulgence with fresh bread, butter, truffle, lobster,lamb, cheese and I think four desserts. The wine pairings picked by the sommelier all seemed to be from Sicily or Italy!!!





Service was impeccable as one would expect in a Michelin starred restaurant





This dinner is a marathon and foodies would love every minute but even if one is not a foodie it is worth visiting the George V. The lobby always has an amazing flower display and a drink from the champagne trolley is always a treat.

Bobo was happy I visited his favorite hotel in Paris

Best new luxury hotel in Paris

By Dr Champagne

When Bobo heard I was in Paris he asked if I was going to stay at the GeorgeV, the Four Seasons, one of his favorite hotels.

After staying at the Peninsula in Manila I decided to try out the newly renovated Peninsula hotel in Paris walking distance to the Arc de Triomphe.

The lobby is stunning



But the best part were not only the rooms but the roof top bar in the L’Oiseau Blanc with a beautiful view of the Effiel tower


The house champagne by the glass is Laurent Perrier Grand Siècle

Did have dinner at Le Cinq at the George V, but more on that later.

Half the way to British Airways First

So kissed Bobo goodbye and as usual he just said ” love you dad please don’t trash AC ”

So boarded the new AC Dreamliner, after of course bitterly complaining about having NO champagne in Air Canada’s international lounge at YYZ.

But I liked this flight despite the pre flight prosecco . The Dreamliner is beautiful. Air Canada has a 3 class configuration. The seat 1K reminds me of my favorite seat in the air 1K in First on British Airways in the nose of the 747, 3 windows to look out of.

Food was usual with the usual Drappier being poured.





Yes Bobo AC has done well with the Dreamliner and the bonus they have champagne in the AC lounge in Paris


Fly the Dreamliner enjoy the Drappier.



From a Glass of Bubbly:

Around 308m bottles of Champagne were sold around the world in 2014, according to provisional figures, this would represent a 1% rise in global Champagne sales compared to 2013.

Worldwide Champagne sales are estimated to be 4.5bn euros compared to 4.3bn euros in 2013 and the second highest annual total on record.

French consumption of Champagne fell for the fourth year in a row. Most of this increase has been put down to the booming exports markets of Britain, U.S, Australia and Japan. 1 bottle in every 10 sold in the U.K is Champagne.

In 2007 sales set a new a record of 338,700,000 bottles worth a record €4.56bn.

There will be an estimated 310 million bottles of Champagne produced from the 2014 harvest.

The Comite Champagne’s new managing director, Vincent Perrin, said he expects more Champagne to be sent abroad than sold in France in 2015.

Champagne Sabering!

Candy Champagne

The Champagne Greek and the Champagne Surgeon are the two best champagne saber’ers that I have ever known. I have even seen the Champagne Surgeon saber a bottle with the stem of a broken glass!
(Seriously, she did it!)

Attached are some interesting articles and perspectives on champagne sabering (including the champagne sabering record!).

Legends & Myth: The History Of Champagne Sabering:

How to Saber Champagne:

Champagne Sabering Record: