Candy Champagne

Dr. Champagne bought a case of Cristal for the holiday season (he is the best champagne addict that I have ever known!). Being the astute businessman that he is, he decided it would be prudent to validate his investment by pairing his Cristal against it’s baby cousin, Louis Roederer Brut Premier.

Cristal tasting 1

Using his Riedel Sommelier’s (I love these glasses!), he organized a blind tasting for himself, the Champagne Surgeon, Champagne Greek, and myself.

Cristal 4

We were given “left” and “right” glasses. We all agreed the glass on the left was a hint darker and the bubbles were lighter on the right. Visually, that was the only noticeable distinction before tasting them.

Tasting the left and right — the glass on the left had a good nose, but a bit of an undescribeable finish (I think the Champagne Surgeon referred to it as a “funky” finish which seemed like the only good assessment). The glass on the right tasted somewhat more “structured”. All four of us mutually agreed, there was nothing truly remarkable to set them apart — we were expecting an immediate “vintage champagne” taste but it just wasn’t there.

It seemed like we were trying so hard to pick the Cristal but we just couldn’t! In the end, we all picked the right glass. The non-vintage baby cousin of Cristal won!

And back went the case of Cristal….

Cristal 2

Cristal 3

PS/ I love how they label the non-vintage Roederer with the “From the House of Cristal Champagne” moniker:

Cristal house



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