Candy Champagne

Doctor Champagne is obsessed with fine glassware (to put it mildly).

A few weeks ago, I sent him an article from VinePair called “Are We Wasting Hundreds of Millions of Dollars on Wine Glasses Every Year?”. The article basically concluded that he was wasting his money on his expensive glassware.

He was NOT happy and put us to the challenge of a champagne tasting with Riedel’s finest champagne glasses – the Veritas and XL. To mix it up, we also tasted with the Riedel restaurant champagne glass line.

The Veritas glass is an absolutely beautiful Riedel glass – a glass of machine blown lead crystal – check out the beautiful shape of this fine Riedel glass:

The XL is also a very special glass:

To up the ante for the champagne tasting, he brought out KRUG.

We did the blind tasting two ways: nose and taste. The Champagne Greek, Champagne Surgeon and myself all picked the same in the blind nose and tasting: XL, Veritas, Restaurant. Dr. Champagne picked Veritas, XL, Restaurant.

We let the champagne open up and did an open tasting about 20 minutes later. This time, it was unaminously Veritas, Veritas, Veritas, Veritas. What really stood for us was the way the Veritas truly let the Krug evolve and open up. The Veritas glass allowed the Krug to be enjoyed at its best.

What did we learn? The Veritas glass is exceptional and Dr. Champagne can keep indulging in glassware!

PS/ We also enjoyed a 2004 Bollinger in the Veritas.

veritas blog 5

Veritas blog

Veritas blog 4


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