Candy Champagne

I recently wrote about Blanc de Blancs. It is fitting that I love B de B’s since Chardonnay is my white wine of choice

I recently had an opportunity to try Taittinger’s Comtes de Champagne Blanc de Blancs 2005 with Dr. Champagne and the Champagne Greek. What a special treat.

Winemakers notes –
Produced only in exceptional vintage years and intended as the ultimate expression of the Taittinger style, this wine is composed entirely of Chardonnay grapes from 6 Grand Cru sites in the prestigious Cote de Blancs. This is a powerful, refined, expressive and complex Champagne, with notes of citrus fruits. The long, rich ending reveals a sweet licorice aroma.

Wine Spectator –
A rich and enticing aroma heralds this elegant blanc de Blancs with flavours of pastry, poached apple and candied ginger. 94 points

Candy Champagne –
My new favourite Blanc de Blancs – it was absolutely outstanding (I still love Palmer too!).

More on Palmer (another exceptional Blanc de Blancs)

Taittinger blanc de blanc

We had a few other bottles of champagne that day too…

Taittinger blanc de blanc 2


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