Candy Champagne

The Champagne Newfie spoils me (so does Dr. Champagne and the Champagne Greek!).

In the summer, the Champagne Newfie surprised me with a 1996 La Grande Dame and last weekend she surprised me with another 1996! This time, Moët & Champagne Millesime Blanc 1996.

1996 3

1996 2

The colour was a buttery yellow (the pictures don’t do the colour justice), the bubbles were remarkably still quite active and the nose was rich and creamy (definitely Chardonnay like in aroma). Overall it was a very special bottle and was a good time we drank it (I wouldn’t have wanted to keep this one much longer).

Here is more on Champagne’s exceptional 1996 year:

And more on the 1996 La Grande Dame:

Look what the Champagne Newfie says we are drinking next!

href=”https://thechampagneaddictdotcom1.files.wordpress.com/2014/10/dom-1999.jpg”>Dom 1999


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