By Dr Champagne

Kissed Bobo goodbye as he set of to the Glen to boulder. He of course asked me where I was going. Explained I was off to Victoria for my 30 year reunion and all he asked was ” dad please don’t complain about Air Canada again”.

I am also wondering if this is a happy champagne blog or a rant on Air Canada. But to put it into perspective I paid an obscene amount of money for this ticket!

Of course needless to say NO CHAMPAGNE anywhere and I think Air Canada and Ken Chase have decided not to stock any wine that costs more than 10 dollars a bottle!!!

But the main point of this RANT is Air Canada’s new high density Boeing 777. I thought the pods were bad, but this is like flying in a coffin. No room for a 5′ 11″ dude, the space is narrow and there is no way to get comfortable .

With this and the replacement of AC mainline by AC Rouge on many destinations, eg Las Vegas or Maui, I think Air Canada is going to go from the best airline in North America to the worst.

I urge all champagne lovers to fly one world alliance British Airways and Cathay Pacific (they get it).

Check out the COFFIN, Air Canada’s new business class seat is a FAILURE.

Sorry Bobo I know FIRST WORLD problems!!!!






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