By Dr Champagne

Bobo my boy was really worried when I travelled through Terminal 2 to fly AC back from London Heathrow. We went through all the lounges in The Queen’s Terminal, another blog.

The Maple Leaf lounge got it right this time in London. They pour champagne, all be it a growers champagne. Food was amazing, with a Panini bar, cold station and amazing hot food. AC should look at who runs this lounge to manage all their lounges.

Also maybe an exclusive lounge only super elite members that always serve premier liquor and champagne like the BA first lounge.

Ken Chase get on board.

Bobo was happy that I was happy with his national airline.

Baby Champagne was happy she got Mac and cheese

Surgeon champagne just shrugged her shoulders.

So Air Canada and Ken Chase learn from the operator of this lounge. I chased down the manager and it is the Performa gate group.

Ken Chase should talk to AC about setting up an exclusive Super Elite lounge!!!






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