Dom Perignon vintage 2000 vs Moet & Chandon Imperial

By Dr Champagne

Greek Champagne called me up to mention that Dom 2000 was on sale on the island for 99 Euro, I of course asked him to buy me a few bottles.

As the day progressed Candy Champagne and I got into a heated discussion on the value added effect of Dom vs Moet so we hastily set up a blind tasting.

Myself. Candy and Greek champagne partook. The nose on the Dom was rich in flavor while the Moët had no nose at all. The Dom was rich in mouthfeel and the taste was yeasty and brioche. The Moët had a smoother mouthfeel and a sweeter finish.

The overall pick was the Dom Perignon vintage 2000.

The tasting was done in Riedel Restaurant Champagne 0446/48 glasses.

Bobo looked on bored as usual but happy I wasn’t picking on Air Canada.



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