– Candy Champagne

Attached is a link to an article from Glass of Bubbly called “Blanc de Blancs: The Best Champagne Style”?

The author, Ed McCarthy, does a great job of covering his love of Blanc de Blancs and the support for their amazing Champagne style – “So, why do I enjoy Blanc de Blancs Champagnes so much? One reason is that I believe that Chardonnay variety reaches its great heights in the Champagne region. Chardonnay really shines only in very cool climates and Champagne is the about the coolest region where it can grow. Another reason I enjoy Blanc de Blancs is that I drink much of my Champagnes as aperitifs, and most Blanc de Blancs Champagnes are usually lighter and are ideal before dinner wines”.

Attached is a link to the article. It is a long read but worth it. At the end, McCarthy lists his favourite Blanc de Blancs Champagne in alphabetical order with comments about each.

Spoiler Alert!!! In the end, McCarthy concludes that Nicolas Feuillatte’s Blanc de Blancs is a particular favourite of his. This is ironic and sad as the amazing Champagne entrepreneur recently passed away. I will honour him with my next glass of Blanc de Blancs.


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