Tasting Dom Perignon from the Various Decades

Tasting Dom Perignon from the Various Decades
– Candy Champagne

Attached is an article from the NY Times about a recent Dom Perignon tasting dinner in NYC. Why didn’t they invite Dr. Champagne and myself? (maybe our invitations got lost in the mail?)

It is a great article about Dom and all the reasons the champagne is so special. Also an interesting read about the various vintages over the years. A great read for a Champagne Addict!

The chef de cave from DP, Richard Geoffroy moderated the tasting. I loved Geoffroy’s comments about the 2004 and 2003 vintages about halfway through the article. His 2004 comments made me think of the amazing 2004 that Dr. Champagne brought me for my birthday tasting (pictures attached!).

I also loved his comments about the 1976 vintage “like a dry Yquem,” Mr. Geoffroy said”. Yquem and Dom all in one sentence – wow!

Thank you to the Champagne Newfie who send me the article!

Enjoy the article:

tasting dom 2004

tasting 2


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