British Airways is the King of Champagne

By Dr. Champagne

Bobo my boy always gets upset at me when I travel and blog. He thinks I have it in for our national airline Air Canada.

Recently Lufthansa went on strike and for my travel to Nice I was routed to Heathrow for a British Airways connecting flight. Now many would consider this an inconvenience but being a Gold Member with BA I looked it as an opportunity to enjoy the First Class BA lounge in Terminal 5 in Heathrow.

The flagship Air Canada international lounge in Terminal 1 at Pearson Airport in Toronto sadly offers no champagne or sparkling wine but there is some wine, mixed drinks and a spattering of adequate food on offer







Now imagine landing in London and making your way to the First Class lounge where it really is a champagne heaven with a full champagne bar with 3 champagnes a rose and two brut on offer with a menu for food for order at your seat






Relaxed and had the breakfast of champions, trio of champagne with soft boiled eggs and soldiers. BA does champagne right!!!!




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