– Candy Champagne

Dr. Champagne, the Champagne Greek, the Beer Addict and I were so lucky to have a “Sunday Funday” morning with crepes and Krug. The Krug, Grande Cuvee, to be exact. Oh la la!

Krug is known as one of the finest champagne houses in the world and rivals the likes of Dom Perignon. It is an exceptional champagne and is fabled in it’s historic champagne making traditions of quality and superiority. The Krug Grande Cuvee is aptly described as “the ultimate pleasure and experience in champagne” and received an unheard of rating of 97 points by Alison Napjus. The only other champagne to receive a higher rating from Napjus is the Krug “Brut Blanc de Noirs Clos d’Ambonnay” (98 points) and the Krug “Brut Blancs de Blancs Clos du Mesnil 2000” (also 98 points).

I could easily tell you all about the colour of this beautiful champagne, the finesse and elegance of the bubbles and the rich taste, but Alison Napjus has already been “Krug’d” (I borrowed the expression from her blog).

Attached is Alison Napjus’ great article and experience with Krug in Naples:

I am in good company because I have been Krug’d too.

Krug 1

Krug 2

Krug 3

Krug 4

Krug 5


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