– Candy Champagne

Dr. Champagne organized a Sunday morning tasting. He didn’t tell me what we were tasting though, only that it was special and he was excited (which meant I was excited too!).

The Champagne Greek lined up the three champagnes we would be trying (it was truly a blind tasting for me). Our friend, The Beer Addict, joined us (we are hoping The Beer Addict will guest write a few beer blogs for our beer loving friends).

We judged the three champagnes based on nose, taste and finish. Dr. Champagne and I both picked #2 on nose while The Beer Addict picked #1. Dr. Champagne and I also picked #2 on the taste and finish while the Beer Addict stuck with #1.

Our final choices were:
2, 3, 1 – Dr Champagne & myself
1, 3, 2 – The Beer Addict

Dr. Champagne was so right about the champagne choices being special!

#2 was the Dom Perignon Vintage 2004. It was absolutely exceptional – one of the best champagnes that I have had. Richard Geoffroy, Chef de Cave, describes it as “nuanced and precise, the 2004 vintage is the natural sum of perfectly consistent parts. As a whole it is complete, elegant, with a hint of classicism – distinguished contemporary classicism”. I simply describe it as incredible! (Alison Napjus gives it 95 points)

#3 was the Moet & Chandon Grand Vintage 2002. The house only releases vintages during the best harvests and this vintage was kept in the cellar for seven years to reach it’s full potential (the first since the 1930’s to do so) – “the 2002 is worth the wait – it is creamy, with notes of citrus and honeysuckle and has a mouthwatering finish that leaves you longing for more”.

#1 was the Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut. In the past couple of years, the house has phased out its popular White Star in North America in favour of a new non-vintage, Imperial. Like its predecessor, Imperial is a luxurious and accessible champagne. Similar to the White Star, the Imperial is consistent and you can always count on the quality of this champagne (Alison Napjus gave it 91 points). Shout out to my Champagne Seester who loved the White Star!

It was truly an amazing tasting and experience. What more can I say other than LIFE IS GOOD!


tasting 2

tasting dom 2004

tasting moet 2002

tasting moet magnum

tasting glasses


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