– Candy Champagne

As the cliché saying goes, “great minds think alike”, but if you are a Champagne Addict, your saying might be “great minds think Roederer”.

During a snowy and cold Canadian March Break, we were enjoying Louis Roederer’s Brut Premier. I sent the picture to Dr. Champagne and the Champagne Surgeon, where they were vacationing in a very hot, dry and warm Dubai. What are the chances that they were drinking the SAME champagne at approximately the same time across time time zones (seriously, I am not making this up).

Even though we were drinking champagne in two very different worlds, the consistency and quality of the Louis Roederer Brut Premier remained one and the same.

Alison Napjus gives it 91 points and says “A smoky note of minerality complements the flavours of dried cherry and black currant. The delicate, yet persistent acidity is well-integrated, leading to a mouthwatering finish”.

My conclusion – two worlds apart, but one great champagne. Great minds definitely think Roederer!

Roederer Canada

Roederer canada 2

Roederer dubai


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