– Candy Champagne

This pictures epitomizes Noel Coward’s infamous quote “Why Do I Drink Champagne For Breakfast, Doesn’t Everyone?”

Coffee and champagne are two of my favourite beverages in the world. It got me to thinking, what about coffee and champagne?

I was surprised to learn there are some interesting champagne and coffee cocktails.

Krups suggests 4 cups extra-strength brewed coffee, cooled
, 2 tbsp powdered sugar, 
1 cup brandy
, 1/5 bottle champagne, chilled.

The Mix That Drink website suggests the Caribou Martini – coffee-flavored vodka blend, sweetened with sugar and champagne.

BUNN coffees suggests sweetened brewed coffee, rose syrup, champagne with candied hibiscus flower optional.

And finally, Nespresso (one of my personal coffee faves), suggests the Coffee Champagne Espuma:

They all sound interesting (particularly the Nespresso treat), but I think I am going to stick to keeping my coffee and champagne separate – I enjoy them both too much individually.

I wonder what Alison Napjus would think?
(I think she would agree with Candy Champagne!)

Coffee and Champagne


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