Friday Champagne Brunch in Dubai

By Dr Champagne edited by Baby Champagne

Wow for a non alcoholic Muslim country the concept of a Friday brunch with free bubbly is a bit of an enigma. For ex-pats and tourists though, the Friday brunch remains as one of the things you have to do on a Friday. Why Friday you may ask because the weekend begins on Thursday night.

After much research Bobo and I, it being his champagne birthday trip, chose Spectrum on One at the Fairmont hotel in downtown.


The brunch starts at sharp 12 pm but the door already had a line up before then. Soon before the doors open chants of ” We are going to have fun” can be heard from the employees and then the doors open and we stream in.

On offer is an non alcoholic brunch, one with mixed drinks and wine, one with champagne and finally one with rose champagne, my pick with surgeon champagne, all Moët Rose. The champagne begins to flow as soon as you take your seat





The buffet itself spans the globe with something for every taste




Bobo and I made up out own plates






One has to be train to last the whole 3 hours. Usually they would pour you a final glass to enjoy on the terrace but on our visit it was to windy and we were not able to go outside. Our waiter Alexis continued with the champagne though.


I asked Philip the Maître de about the emptys and this was one tables worth


So what did Bobo think of his Champagne brunch “best buffet I have ever had dad”

So if you love champagne and food don’t miss a Friday brunch in Dubai!!!!


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