Emirates is a category killer. Best champagne match in the air.

By Dr. Champagne

Bobo my boy turns 16 on March 16 and his wish for his Champagne birthday was to fly the Emirates A 380 first class. Ok now I know what you are all thinking, Dr Champagne will take every opportunity to stick it to AC, but in reality our national airline is lucky the federal government allows Emirates only three flights out of Pearson.

I have to admit the lounge experience in YYZ was awful, almost as bad as AC . Emirates uses the AMEX contract lounge and their is no reserved sitting or CHAMPAGNE in the lounge. If you are paying for a first class ticket this should be taken for granted, British Airways First Class does and for now is the only Lounge that pours champagne in YYZ and so should Emirates.

This is their only weak link though as soon as you get on board it changes. Daniela offered me a glass of Dom 2004 as soon as I settled in . Note not Hacienda Brut as offered on AC.



The plane it is self is beautiful the upper deck is divided into First Class and Business Class. At the back of the business class cabin there is a stand up bar which serves mixed drinks, wine and of course Champagne, First class passengers can ask for Dom to be brought to the bar, the champagne being served in business was Veuve.



Now back to the point of the blog. The best champagne match in the air Dom Perignon 2004 with fresh caviar and all the fixings.



Only on Emirates!

Needless to say but both Dr. Champagne and Bobo enjoyed this flight,


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