Thai Airlines First and Business a champagne heaven compared to Air Canada

By Dr Champagne

On a recent trip exiting an Air Canada flight to HKG that was delayed for 5 hours and ran out of champagne I finally made a connecting flight on Thai Airlines. When I first got on Songchai introduced himself and offered a glass of Piper Heisdeck.


Beautiful and refreshing. Started talking to him and mentioned I would traveling back with Thai and he asked me when.

Two days later I boarded a Thai A380 first class and there to my surprise was Songchai pouring me a glass of Dom 2004 which happens to be the birth year of Candy and Greek Champagne’s beautiful daughter. Absolutely delicious.



After take off Songchai came over we started chatting again and he casually mentioned that he had another vintage champagne on board and was wondering if I would be interested in trying it! Soon after he appeared with a bottle of Dom Ruinart 2002.



Then he left both bottles with me


Champagne heaven. As Thai is a Star Alliance carrier why would I travel Air Canada when I have choice. With Thai you get status points and amazing champagne. Time for AC and Ken Chase to up the game.


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