By the Greek Champagne

Dr. Champagne and I recently attended a Winemaker’s Dinner with Michel Chapoutier. His world renowned wines from Rhône are absolutely wonderful, and are highly rated by both Robert Parker and The Wine Spectator. He has attained “Rock Star” status in the winemaking world.

So, when Chapoutier started his discussion about his winery, he was holding a glass of, what else, Champagne. Louis Roederer Brut Premier to be exact. Dr. Champagne and I looked at each other, and then back at Chapoutier. Confused, as we weren’t expecting Champagne- why was Michel Chapoutier drinking Champagne at a Rhône Winemaker’s Dinner?

Chapoutier quickly into his dialogue, explained that he was “addicted to champagne”, and that he “drinks it everyday, even for breakfast”. We later discovered that his favourite champagne is Dom Pérignon…I think Chef de Cave Richard Geoffroy would be honoured!!!

I can now say that I clinked glasses of Champagne with one of the greatest winemaker’s of our day.

One more addict to add to the list!!!

chapoutier wine tasting

Chapoutier champagne


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