– by Candy Champagne

It seems that the only time that I have to watch movies these days is on airplanes, which is why I haven’t seen very many of the Oscar nominated films this year. But I still love watching the Oscars. The red carpet, the dresses, etc. I love the over the top’ness of it all.

I am watching the Oscars eating buttered popcorn and drinking Veuve in my cozy wear with my favourite fuzzy blanket. It is a really nice and relaxing Sunday night.

Popcorn with champagne you are probably asking???

As strange as it may seem, they taste really GREAT together. Like, great, as in REALLY great.

According to a recent Food & Wine article that I read “the acidity and cleansing bubbles work to balance the saltiness and buttery richness of the popcorn”. I suppose it is akin to why I also love salted caramels, melons with prosciutto and other unlikely food combinations like Brie cheese and red pepper jelly.

Hope you enjoy your Sunday night (and give popcorn and champagne a try sometime).

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