– Candy Champagne

Dr. Champagne is very particular about two things — his glassware and the over pour (stay tuned for more blogs about his love of stem ware).

This champagne over pour would not make him very happy!

To quote Noel Coward again “Why do I drink champagne for breakfast, doesn’t everyone?”. It is around 10:00 am on a lazy Sunday in August. We have decided to start the day in the pool. I have found some great acrylic glassware for around the pool. From the picture, you may even think it is glass. Even Dr. Champagne would be impressed by this outdoor glassware (it might even be his – haha).

So, what IS the “perfect pour”? Is there a perfect pour? How much is too much? How much is too little? How much is just right? (this is starting to remind me of Goldilocks & Three Bears when baby bear finally said “Ahhhhh this chair is just right”).

According to French scientists, a perfect pour size is 2/3 a glass to allow for the optimal champagne experience. Well, there you have it!

Dr. Champagne and French scientists certainly have some good things in common — they know how to pour a perfect glass of champagne!

The Over Pour



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