– Candy Champagne

The Greek Champagne lover thought it would be a fun afternoon idea for a blind champagne tasting. He was curious to see what we would pick without the pretenses of brand and price. He carefully lined up four blind choices for Dr. Champagne, the Champagne Surgeon and myself for a blind tasting. The Champagne Cubcat, a younger and newer champagne lover, joined us.

Without any spoilers or discussion, we unveiled our top choices. Dr. Champagne, the Champagne Surgeon and I picked the exact same order – 4, 2, 3, 1. The Cubcat choose 2, 3, 4, 1. The most interesting thing is that all four of us picked 1 as our least favourite.

Our choices in order of blind tasting selection (drum roll)….

4 – Moet & Chandon, of course living up to its fabled reputation and superior quality
2 – Cattier, a great value champagne
3 – Shocker! A Canadian sparkling from the Okanagon Valley
4 – THE BIG SHOCKER! Our last choice was one of all of favourites, Veuve!

Needless to say, we were somewhat perplexed with our choices!

Thirty minutes later, we re-tried the Veuve and Moet & Chandon (again in a blind tasting). We JUST had to love our Veuve! This time, the champagne had opened up and had chilled in the snow.

We can make all kinds of excuses, but this time we all picked the Veuve. Isn’t that what we should have picked in the first blind test? Don’t we all love that perfectly branded orange and the cache that all things Veuve represents? Would we have done the second blind tasting if we had picked the Veuve and Moet & Chandon as the top two the first time?

I guess we will just have to have some more afternoon blind champagne tastings.

In the meantime, I will continue to love the colour orange on my champagne bottle.

Blind Tasting

Blind Tasting 2


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