– Candy Champagne

I want to love Clos du Chateau De Bligny’s “Cuvee 6 Cepages”.

I know that I SHOULD love it, and I WANT to love it… but I just don’t. Dr. Champagne likes it and I trust him, so why don’t I like it?

I am very impressed by the colour. It is a deep rich yellow. The bubbles are fine and delicate and it looks promising. I don’t like the nose. First sip, second sip, third sip, I don’t like the finish.

It tastes too earthy and “corky” to me (at first I thought it was corked, but I tried 2 different bottles and it still tasted the same to me). I have tried it with food and without food (it definitely is a champagne for food).

I googled it and the palate was described as a “fresh characteristic attack, followed by remarkable mineral tension persisting throughout the entire tasting”.

Maybe I didn’t want to be attacked by my glass of champagne? Maybe I was trying too hard to like it? We all know what we like and maybe we should keep it simple.

So for now, I am going to stick with what I like and not try so hard.



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